Hi, I'm Christopher!

I am a computer programmer, entrepreneur, and philosopher. I also enjoy art, music, reading, writing, drawing, golf, and trap & skeet shooting.


English (native), Spanish (7 years)
Programming Languages (years)
C# (15), Razor/MVC3 (8), ASP.Net (14), SQL (18), Java (6), ECMA/JavaScript (18), HTML/5 (18), CSS (18), C/C++ (18), Delphi (20), Pascal (22), Python (2), MDX (1), Silverlight/XAML (6), Win32 API (16), XNA (1), Ruby (1), PHP (4), TwilioML (10), VXML(2), Scheme(1), Basic (2), Assembly (Intel x86 and MIPS) (1)
Frameworks & Components
Net Framework (1.1 – 4.7.2), Mono, PhantomJS, RabbitMQ, Redis, IP*Works, iText/iTextSharp, Telerik, Developer Express, Indy, Melissa Data, NCTSoft, Eldos, MindFusion, USP Express, Polar Spellchecker, & many others.
Databases & Search Engines
MS SQL Server (6.5 – 2017/Azure), Oracle (10g – 11g), PostgreSQL, MySQL, Solr
Operating Systems
Microsoft Windows (3.1 - 10, 2000 – 2019 Server), Linux (various, Debian preferred), Android, Windows Phone, MacOS, Solaris, BeOS
Web Servers & Portals
IIS, Apache, SharePoint, nopCommerce, Community Server
Clouds & Payment Processors
Azure, Rackspace, Amazon, Bitcoin, Litecoin, PayPal, Authorize.Net
Source Control & Project Management
SVN, Git, TFS, CVS, Perforce, Visual SourceSafe, JIRA
MS Office, Adobe PhotoShop, CoolEdit, & many others.


Maxim Software Development LLC

Incorporated 2000

Started, operates, and manages a single member LLC focused on providing custom software development, technical consulting, and custom application support. Clients included Intelemedia Communications, Omnicom subsidiary M/A/R/C dba TargetBase, Bizniz Developers, Chordial Solutions, and 24x8. In addition to establishing reseller channels and general business responsibilities, was responsible for designing and maintaining a variety of platforms and applications including:

  • Architected and implemented a robust, distributed, and high availability 3-tier client-server application for audio file transcription in Delphi. This application suite became a “platform component” for this client and continues to be one of the most stable parts of the client’s entire software infrastructure. This suite of applications has allowed the client to reduce their transcription staffing requirements by 80% compared to their previous software and provides the ability to processes well over 1 million audio comments per year. Between its release in 2004 and July 2010, over 7 million audio comments have been processed by this application allowing the client to realize several million dollars of revenue.
  • Created the MSD Services.Host and Scheduler Windows Service which hosts WCF services without IIS and allows for custom .Net “scripts” to be executed according to a defined schedule. WCF hosting eliminates the need for the overhead required by hosting WCF services under IIS, and the scheduler leverages the .Net CodeDOM to allow for custom .Net scripting which is compiled and executed on demand.
  • Designed and architected a distributed platform of custom servers to monitor, test, log, and notify end customers of server/end point outages or failures. The custom monitoring “probes” were designed to be deployed in the Amazon elastic cloud via a Windows Server 2008 core server install with a custom build of the normally non-supported .Net framework running on the core install which allowed probes to be created as necessary in a matter of minutes.
  • Assisted a business customer automate the creation of custom greeting cards using client’s proprietary portal framework and interfacing with their printing vendor to meet specifications for printed materials including bleeds using ASP.Net Web Services, iTextSharp and C#.
  • Worked with a client to salvage a lead generation web application using the Microsoft Entity Framework, Domain and RIA Services, Silverlight 2.0, and ASP.Net. Entity Framework, Domain and RIA Services were used to expedite database functionality and service calls. Silverlight was used to create the administration user interface as well as the end-user GUI. Rich user interfaces leveraged Telerik Silverlight controls as well as transformations and effects native to Silverlight in order to emphasize important visual elements.
  • Implemented a multi-level audio file queue to provide a client with a streamlined process for recorded audio file archiving, compression, and distribution. This archiving subsystem is a mission critical component of the client’s platform and integrates with their transcription and network monitoring software.
  • Designed and developed a complete suite of Win32 developer tools for a telecommunications company to accelerate end-client application development times significantly. These applications were written in Delphi and were also used by Maxim Software Development LLC to write a wide range of IVR applications and scripts.
  • Designed and developed an internet device monitoring system called “PingMonitor” that is used for real-time monitoring of network devices used by a client’s proprietary VoIP network. Monitoring of these devices requires multiple checks of each device per second and device failure notification reporting to a SysLog server.
  • Responsible for the design and implementation of a web portal and content management system using Delphi, PHP, MySQL, and Apache for Windows. The portal was written as an Apache DSO and leveraged PHP to generate the resulting pages sent to web site visitors. The portal allowed for multi-site hosting.
  • Performed research and development activities for clients including technical solution research, application architecture & design, and prototyping.

Tagelmoust LLC

Incorporated 2008

Co-founded a software development company. Tagelmoust LLC is a BizSpark Alumni after having successfully completed and graduated from Microsoft BizSpark in November 2013. Tagelmoust LLC has developed:

  • BlueVeil: An object modeling and platform generation framework in C#, WCF, T-SQL, and ASP.Net with AJAX. This framework utilizes code generation techniques to transform XML metadata into functioning C#, WCF, and ASP.Net source code. The generated architecture implements a provider model and was designed for extreme scalability and redundancy. Transformations are accomplished using custom XSL templates and the Saxon XSLT and XQuery Processor. The generated source code leverages custom C# base classes, business objects, object providers, singletons, WCF service providers and proxy classes, ASP.Net server controls, ASP.Net web forms and code behind files, and T-SQL stored procedures. Reflection is used to facilitate and expedite object CRUD functionality and database mapping. Integrates with nopCommerce to facilitate e-commerce transactions and provide store front capabilities. This framework was initially developed using the Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 and refined to support interim releases of the .Net Framework through version 4.0 in order to leverage new technologies like LINQ once released by Microsoft.
  • CrimsonVeil: A Java based library for interacting with BlueVeil for use in Android applications.
  • Bitdozer: The only remote Bitcoin administration application for the Windows Phone.

Qizmit LLC

Incorporated 2008

Co-founded Qizmit a unique digital services provider. Qizmit is currently developing a narrow artificial intelligence to leverage a variety of useful digital services for individuals, businesses, investors/entrepreneurs, and software developers.

Postal Rocket LLC

Incorporated 2011 - Dissolved 2012

Started an innovative online service company that allowed users to submit and share digital photos online and as printed post cards. Users submitted photographs or provided a URL with a brief message using a desktop web browser or their cellphone/smartphone via e-mail or MMS. OAuth authentication allowed the result to be shared directly to the user’s Facebook timeline. Postal Rocket integrated with the Click2Mail REST API to generate, print, and ship the resulting post cards to lists of recipient addresses created by the user. Technologies used included the Microsoft .Net 4.0 technology stack, customized nopCommerce store front, ASP.Net MVC3 Razor user interface, service hosted C# back-end processes, and a JSON REST back-end using the BlueVeil Framework and SQL Server 2008 R2.


Whitespace Omega Health(February 2018 – May 2019)

Senior Developer

Dallas, Texas

Completed a software development contract for a start-up company providing business and revenue intelligence to the healthcare industry. Software development responsibilities included all facets of their custom software suiite from the Azure Cloud and SQL Server based back-end, the C# ASP.Net MVC web application and Windows Service middle tiers, as well as the JavaScript/HTML application front end. Notable developments included:

  • Stabilized and hardened the company's primary data pump Windows Service to allow for continuous operations and proper functioning,
  • Implemented additional data parsing functionality to allow extracting processing, and reporting on X12/835 EDI documents for end clients as well as processing internal web server log files to report and visualize user activity of the web application,
  • Provided additional support to other teams, i.e. DBA team, offshore developers, and operations coworkers, to resolve production issues and client reported bugs.

Brand Protection Agency LLC (May 2015 – February 2017)

Senior Research Developer

Dallas, Texas

Employed by a leading company performing product price monitoring and MAP enforcement for manufacturers as the primary R&D developer. Responsible for creating a web service leveraging PhantomJS to provide easily scriptable, state machine based web page automations with complex web sites in order to retrieve product pricing information. Provided guidance in the development of a custom proxy server to allow for recording of web page interactions by internal employees and vendor web sites in order to quickly script product price configuration on vendor web sites in order to avoid XSS browser limitations. Developed a robust, distributed, and highly scalable web crawling platform in C# capable of retrieving 500 million web pages per month. Web crawling platform required development of individualized service components loosely coupled with RabbitMQ queues responsible for:

  • Retrieving and maintaining current crawl state for every web page hyperlink for web sites targeted by the platform,
  • Analyzing web page content and extracting qualified hyperlinks for further crawling and discovery,
  • Accumulation of web page content via Solr search engine for additional data mining.

MultiView Inc. (March 2014 – October 2014)

Contract Senior Software Developer

Richardson, Texas

Completed a contract for a system integration project for one of the leading B2B online advertisers as an integral member of a 10 developer team. The integration project involved creating a combination of Windows services, ASP.Net MVC applications, and WebAPI services to provide integration and management of the entire enterprise with the organization’s Windows domain controllers, Dynamics AX and CRM accounting portals, and NICE VoIP recording platforms. Project responsibilities included:

  • Leveraged ADOMD.Net and MDX queries with a SSAS data cube to provide near real time and historical “big data” organizational sales reporting metrics via web service and custom sales reporting dashboards,
  • Implemented a multithreaded Windows service message queue and accompanying WebAPI message service endpoints based upon the client’s initial proof of concept,
  • Various feature implementations, defect corrections, and parallelization performance optimizations for the enterprise management MVC applications.

Cardtronics, Inc. (May 2012 – October 2012)

Contract Senior Software Developer

Frisco, Texas

Completed a contract ahead of schedule with the world’s largest non-bank ATM operator that allowed them to salvage a failing outsourced project and put into production their patented FeeAlert ATM surcharge fee notification platform. FeeAlert is a highly componentized distributed computing platform required to analyze ATM transaction data supplied by their client banks and ATM machines to identify alert-able transactions based on a variety of business rules. The FeeAlert platform consisted of 10 separate modules implemented as WCF services hosted secured with SSL certificates. An ASP.Net MVC3 Razor application was used to allow consumers to enroll, manage settings, and opt-out of notifications as well as view detailed information about their transaction including near-by surcharge-free ATMs displayed in an embedded Google Maps control. As a result, Cardtronics demonstrated FeeAlert at two major banking trade shows and secured additional clients interested in providing the service to their account holders.

HMS Auto Sales Inc. (November 2010 – March 2011)

Contract Programmer

Addison, Texas

Completed a short-term W2 contract position for a brand new start-up company HMS Auto Sales Inc. focused on creating a customized vehicle management solution (“HMS VMS”) for the vehicle towing industry. In addition to development activities, was also responsible for basic team management functions including hiring, terminating, and overseeing additional developers and managing the project development timeline. Project management used JIRA for task and bug tracking and project time-lining. From inception to completion of the first beta version of this application was accomplished in a single quarter. Development activities leveraged the Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 stack and included:

  • Designed the relational database used by the solution for data storage and retrieval using SQL Server 2008 R2.
  • Created a C# WinForm prototype utility that interfaced with the State of Texas Driver License and Records motor vehicle database to perform vehicle data retrieval based on vehicle license plate or vehicle identification number.
  • Created user interface prototypes/proof of concept applications using C# WinForms to interface with RESTful server-side C# WCF services,
  • Integrated Crystal Reports 2008 through a server-side C# WCF service in order to generate operational and managerial reports for use by the towing company managers and staff.

Zynga/Bonfire Studios LLC (August 2010 – October 2010)

Contract Programmer

Dallas, Texas

Contracted by Bonfire Studios LLC, which was acquired by Zynga in October 2010, to implement and assist in the completion of the Microsoft Game Studios’ Game Chest series of games. Application development used Silverlight (3.0 & 4.0) and Microsoft .Net 4.0. In addition to bug fixes for the XNA Framework based versions of the Game Chest games for Microsoft Windows Phone 7, was responsible for:

  • Design and implementation of web-based companion versions of games including backgammon and Chinese checkers using Silverlight 3.0 and 4.0 in order to compliment and allow cross-platform, asynchronous, multiplayer game-play with non-phone based users. Beta versions of the Silverlight companion games were demonstrated at the Microsoft Professional Developer’s Conference 2010 as examples of how to use Silverlight, the Microsoft Gamer Services API, and Microsoft Azure in the development of Windows Phone 7 applications.
  • Performed application testing and bug corrections for both the XNA Framework and Silverlight versions of games.
  • Used JIRA for task, bug, and project management and Perforce for source control and versioning.

Electronic Advertising (June 2000 – September 2000)

Software Developer

Dallas, Texas

Employed by the Dallas based eAds.com banner advertising firm until it closed in September 2000. Was hired to assist in the development of the second generation of their AdServer software and tools. While employed, all development was done using Delphi 5.0 Client/Server with SQL Server 7.0 backend. In the short time at eAds, accomplished the following:

  • Redesigned and implemented a relational database for tracking and management of the “host site” network, including support for an expected 10 million plus rows per day representing every banner ad distributed,
  • Developed the second generation ISAPI DLL and web pages using HTML and CSS to provide real-time online reporting for website owners that hosted ads.

AudioTel Corporation (January 2000 – May 2000)

Software Engineer

Addison, Texas

Was hired by a privately owned banking software company as the primary developer for their existing check imaging package. Assumed responsibility for modifications and enhancements to the existing code. Development was accomplished using Delphi 4.0 to leverage an Interbase 5.0 database. Duties performed include:

  • Developed a TCP/IP server to allow third party and internal web interfacing to AudioTel’s check imaging database,
  • Troubleshooting, debugging, and streamlining of existing code and improved GUI design to ensure consistency and ease of use throughout the program.

Intelemedia Communications (February 1998 – December 1999)

Software Developer & IVR Lead Developer

Richardson, Texas

While working for this privately owned telecommunication services company, was fundamental in the creation of interactive voice response (IVR) and GUI applications as well as IVR system architectures. Was responsible for the maintenance of all existing IVR applications as well as the creation of new IVR applications. In addition, designed, developed, and debugged several GUI applications using Delphi, ODBC, ADO and Microsoft SQL Server. Applications developed ranged from minor in-house utilities to multi-threaded, client applications including:

  • Designed, developed and maintained StateBuilder, a proprietary GUI to allow for fast creation of IVR applications,
  • Developed a file packaging utility using Blowfish encryption/decryption and FTP protocols for use by clients to ensure secure transmission of data.

Tranquility Solutions (June 1997 – August 1997)

Contract Programmer

Plymouth, Indiana

Was contracted to help with development of an existing educational planning software package. Designed and implemented parts of the GUI using FoxPro for Windows, FoxFire reports illustrating learning path leading up to final career objectives, and data import routines for interfacing with legacy COBOL based student tracking systems.

Lacerte Software, Inc. (July 1996 – September 1996)

Junior Programmer

Dallas, Texas

Employed as a junior-level programmer for one of the top five commercial tax software packages used by accountants across the country. As a member of the electronic filling programming department, was responsible for the creation and functionality of several states’ BASIC modules that were to be called by the newly migrated Delphi platform as well as their DOS based package. Also developed and tested custom in-house Delphi 2.0 utilities.

Hanafin, Bates, and Associates (1993 – 1997)

Contract Programmer & Consultant

Dallas, Texas

While contracted by a private insurance agency, filled many roles and gained valuable experience with differing software packages and hardware. Main programming responsibilities included the design and construction of a general liability policy tracking system in FoxPro for Windows and the development of an MS Access database to help track commercial automotive policies and provided technical support and instruction for these custom applications. Was responsible for installing a Novell Netware Lite network and worked in a help desk role to support employees.

Independent Contract (1993)

Contract Programmer

Dallas, Texas

Was sub-contracted to help with the development of an analysis tool for radio antenna coverage for a FCC bid by a small, privately owned company. The analysis tool was developed in Borland Pascal for Windows and FoxPro for Windows. Gained exposure to the GIF and PCX image formats as well as complex mathematical analysis of scanned images of maps.


University of Notre Dame

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy*(147.5 hours completed, 21 hours left)

Notre Dame, Indiana

As a student at the University of Notre Dame, completed two semesters of study in Philosophy as well as five semesters in Computer Science and one semester in Physics. Also gained valuable leadership skills as a cadet in the Fighting Irish Army ROTC battalion. Relevant courses included:

  • Formal Logic
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Data Structures and Database Concepts
  • Computer Architecture I & II and Digital Logic Design
  • Calculus I-IV, Differential Equations, Physics I–III, & Chemistry I & II

Plano Senior High School

High School Diploma

Plano, Texas

Finished high school as an advanced student with honors and was in the top 10% of graduates. Received a 5 on the computer science advanced placement exam. Completed JROTC program as the Wildcat Battalion’s Training and Operations officer as a Cadet Major and received the battalion’s Superior Cadet award once.

Personal Achievements

  • Published Windows Phone Developer (5 Titles)
  • Wrote an internationally registered, online multi-player BBS door game
  • Recipient of an Army ROTC four-year scholarship